ThinCan + LinuxBIOS = cool LTSP hardware

At the dayjob, we're currently clearing our warehouse of previous hardware to make room for upcoming new models, so here's a shameless plug for those who want cool Linux hardware at a discount:

ThinCan DBE60

Hardware: AMD Geode SC2200, 64MB RAM, 32MB DiskOnChip Flash, 3x USB 1.1 ports, 1/8" audio out, Centronics port, VGA port, 10/100baseT network port.

Firmware: Etherboot or WinCE 4.1 RDP client.

Price: 50 EUR/each - less shipping costs - Minimum order: 10 pieces.

PS: we also have about 50 pieces of DBE60 motherboards (without case) that can be used as embedded controllers. People with good soldering skills can add a CompactFlash socket to the unpopulated pads, as desired.

ThinCan DBE61C

Hardware: AMD Geode LX700 with CS5536 companion chip, 256MB RAM, 4x USB 2.0 ports, 1/8" audio in and out, VGA port, 10/100baseT network port.

Firmware: Etherboot on LinuxBIOS. Supported natively since Ubuntu/Gutsy.

Price: 150 EUR/each - less shipping costs - Minimum order: 2 pieces.

Interested parties can contact us via the request form.


Feargach said...

Hi I run an LTSP system in the school I work at and maybe interested in buying, I have three already, I want to test. But I have hadd difficulties getting them going, can you suggest where I might find some how to. I understand they should be plug and play.

Martin-Éric said...

Sorry, you have three of what?

For the HOWTO, see more recent posts in my blog.

caleb said...

are you all finnish?

Martin-Éric said...

If you mean at Artec, no. I'm the only one.