PulseAudio: system mode broken

Ever since version 1.1 of PulseAudio was released, remote audio stopped working for me. Basically, the tunnel created by enabling "Detect native remote PulseAudio sinks" in paprefs on the client side immediately crashes the PulseAudio server on the remote host. I reported the issue at Free Desktop bug #49681. The issue still exists in version 2.0, which is what Debian's next stable release is supposed to ship (and in 2.1, available via the experimental repository). This essentially means that I cannot upgrade my hosts to Wheezy without losing my remote speakers. Would anybody knowledgable enough with PulseAudio internals be able to help me track down the cause of this bug?

OpenWRT: SLAAC and DHCPv6 on White Russian

As I recently reported, I have been trying to configure my Linksys WRT54GL running the OpenWRT firmware (version 0.9 a.k.a. White Russian) to support SLAAC and DHCPv6 out of the box.

Most of the feedback I got involved upgrading the OpenWRT firmware to a more recent release that might not fit the available storage capacity of the device, which felt like too risky of an operation to attempt.

The solution I found instead involved adding ipkg sources to OpenWRT's backports repository, which offers a minimalistic DHCPv6 client. Although I haven't been able to find any proper documentation for this client, the content of its configuration file is mostly intelligible. What remains now is to actually configure it to cooperate with the kernel's native SLAAC implementation and, whenever an IPv6 network is found on the ISP side, to propagate the address space, DNS and routing information to my LAN using radvd.

Would anyone located within the Helsinki metropolitan area happen to have an IPv6 testing environment that would at least allow me to configure and test my router?