Brightness control on an iMac G3 under Linux

I recall Linux/PPC kernel developer Benjamin Herrenschmidt saying ages ago that it would technically be trivial to write a tool that accesses the Open Firmware device tree to adjust the iMac's built-in monitor's features (brightness, contrast, geometry, etc.). I'm wondering if anybody ever coded such a tool? Otherwise, would anyone be willing to study the Darwin source code and port it to Linux?


Networking à Paris

I'm spending next week in Paris, attending the last 6nergies event of this season, meeting business partners and interviewing with potential employers. If there's any Debian or Ubuntu developers that wanna meet for a drink and perhaps for an informal GPG key signing session, please drop me a line ASAP.


Existential politics

Those who read French and who are interested in pondering issues where existential philosophy and politics intersect might find this article on my other blog stimulating.


Alpha debian-installer bounty

From my good friend Eki:

I'd appreciate you informing people that I'm commiting a 100 euro bounty towards upgrading debian-installer images with MILO support for the Debian Etch release. I can personally help with development by testing the upgraded installer images on any of my 11 Alpha machines.

If you have MILO knowledge and are willing to produce updated debian-installer images for Etch and to submit your work to the debian-boot team, contact eki at his regular sci.fi account. Kiitos!