Brightness control on an iMac G3 under Linux

I recall Linux/PPC kernel developer Benjamin Herrenschmidt saying ages ago that it would technically be trivial to write a tool that accesses the Open Firmware device tree to adjust the iMac's built-in monitor's features (brightness, contrast, geometry, etc.). I'm wondering if anybody ever coded such a tool? Otherwise, would anyone be willing to study the Darwin source code and port it to Linux?


Anonymous said...

there are some utilities for getting and setting the NVRAM variables. this discussion may help you http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96379

Anonymous said...

Doesn't pbbutonsd works with iMac G3? It works in my ibook g4, btw. I've asked joeyh to add it in d-i laptop (ppc only) task. ;)