Proposed updates for CUPS-PDF packages at Ubuntu

For those who use CUPS-PDF on Ubuntu, I have pushed some updated packages into Lucid-proposed, Maverick-proposed and Natty-proposed, mainly to make the package's post-install actions bulletproof, so that automated installs and PPD updates take place in a flawless way. Comments from anyone who tested these package updates are welcome on Launchpad bug #805947. Once these updates have been approved, I'll go through the daunting task of reducing the debdiff down to its utmost essential components and attempt to submit a stable-update to Debian as well.


Configuring GNOME themes for both gconf and dconf?

For a number of years, I've been making myself metapackages that pull favorite packages and pre-configure the desktop environment to use my favorite global default settings. This currently means configuring the gconf keys for the GTK theme, icon theme and background image for GDM. Until now, I implemented this by calling gconftool-2 directly in postinst as user gdm but Lintian recently started warning me that the correct way to do this would be by calling gconf-schemas or update-gconf-defaults instead. I was thus wondering, would anyone have any sample code that accomplishes this? To further complicate things, GNOME 3 has transitioned from gconf to dconf, which suggests that a slightly different method needs to be used to perform the same. Would anyone have any sample code to implement this? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this!


X.org video driver Geode 2.11.12

Today we published version 2.11.12 of the X.org Geode driver, code-named "Squeezing the Wheezy out of Debian" in honor of the recent Debian stable release. 2.11.12 is yet another minor bug-fixing release, this time featuring yet another EXA fix for the LX component, courtesy of the OLPC team, plus the removal of an obsolete V4L1 include that was preventing the building of the ztv video input component of our driver since Linux kernel 2.6.38 - thanks to the Fedora and Ubuntu teams for spotting this!