Linutop: Use the source, Luke!

I recently blogged about putting together the Linutop source code ISO. The resulting image has now been uploaded to our wiki. The ISO's content is divided in two sections:

  • Debian source packages for all the software used on our reference platform.
  • Linux kernel source with our custom kernel configuration and kernel patches.

Developers who are interested in producing customized OS images should download this ISO and consult the wiki for details on developing for the Linutop.


Free Software annoyance: Gaim

Dear Lazy Web:

I am developing a severe hatred of Gaim 2.0, because some of its dumb features hamper my productivity. Are there any simple configuration tricks that could fix the following issues:

  • How can I make Gaim stop auto-hiding its conversation windows?
  • How can I make Gaim stop auto-toping its dialogs and windows?
  • How can I make Gaim stop stealing the focus all the time?

Would you happen to know the answer to any of the above?

Best Regards,



Tip of the day: fetching all Debian source packages

A few weeks ago, the Linutop team received a request for its source code. We had already anticipated the GPL source offer clause in our development plan, so it was just a matter of myself getting around producing a source code ISO image. Piece of cake, right?

Almost. You see, Linutop includes a custom kernel package and several separate wireless module packages, so the the following command would not work as expected:

apt-get --download-only --ignore-missing source $(dpkg --get-selections | cut -f 1)

Why is that? Because APT ignores the --ignore-missing option whenever executing the source command. Instead, Roland Mas suggested that I used this simple Bourne loop:

for p in $(dpkg --get-selections | cut -f 1) ; do apt-get --download-only source $p ; done

Done this way, the source code of each package is fetched individually and, if any package's source is not available, APT exits but the Bourne loop moves on to the next package in the list. Nifty, isn't it?