xf86-video-geode: EXA Composite support broken on X server 1.7

Just a quick note to everyone who recently upgraded their X server to 1.7 on Geode hardware to report that changes in X server since 1.6 have exposed and escalated bugs in our Geode driver that make EXA Compositing fail, resulting in broken image support on GTK2+ applications. As a temporary work-around, add this line to /etc/X11/xorg.conf in the Devices section:

Option "EXANoComposite" "true"

On my Lucid host, this gives me the following minimalistic xorg.conf:

Section "Device"
 Identifier "Geode Video"
 Driver "geode"
 Option "EXANoComposite" "true"

We're currently working to produce new upstream packages that default to EXANoComposite as a temporary work-around, so that the driver at least produces useful results by default, and push this to distributions ASAP, especially keeping in mind pending Squeeze and Lucid releases.

Meanwhile, AMD recently assigned new engineers to contribute to the driver's development and to eventually pick up maintenance, so we should soon have a permanent solution to these recent breakages in acceleration support for both GX2 and LX chipsets.