dhcpcd almost ready to replace ISC dhclient in Debian

A lot of time has passed since my previous post on my work to make dhcpcd the drop-in replacement for the deprecated ISC dhclient a.k.a. isc-dhcp-client. Current status:

  • Upstream now regularly produces releases and with a smaller delta than before. This makes it easier to track possible breakage.
  • Debian packaging has essentially remained unchanged. A few Recommends were shuffled, but that's about it.
  • The only remaining bug is fixing the build for Hurd. Patches are welcome. Once that is fixed, bumping dhcpcd-base's priority to important is all that's left.


fabian said...

You might need to extend the OS check in `compat/rbtree.h` line 49 to include `&& !__GNU__` to fix the FTBFS on Hurd.

Martin-Éric said...

That only fixes part of the build.