WebRTC fails tests on Firefox 78.10.0esr (64-bit)

Having to participate in many online events since the COVID crisis started, I've come to notice that few of the online clients work properly on the current Firefox ESR found in Debian. A quick visit at WebRTC Test confirmed that none of the tests in the Network and Connectivity section pass. Meanwhile, a Windows 10 laptop running Edge via the same network works just fine, so I have to assume that either a Firefox or Debian packaging issue is to blame, but I wouldn't know where to start. Any help? Thanks!


Unknown said...

Don't know if that helps, but Connectivity test passes for me (Debian 10, Firefox 78.10.0esr (64-Bit)). Only getting a warning in Network section, failed to gather Ipv6 candidates, although I'm connected to a dualstack network (and can browse IPv6 only sites). Video bandbwith test fails completly, maybe due to my slow upload speed.

Unknown said...

Hi !

Came here from planet debianjust wanted to let you know that WebRTC works fine for me on debian 10.9 using FF 88.0.1-1