OpenWRT: accepting Router Adverts from the ISP in White Russian?

As we are getting closer to the World IPv6 Day, I thought that I'd see if I can upgrade my WRT54GL's OpenWRT (White Russian) installation to accept Router Adverts from the ISP to acquire an IPv6 address (rather than via a 4-to-6 tunnel broker, which seems to be the most documented case), and to propagate its IPv6 address space to my local network via my WRT45GL's radvd. Unfortunately, most of the instructions out there concern newer OpenWRT releases to which I cannot upgrade to because their software base takes up significantly more space than White Russian does. Still, I figure that someone in the community must have already succeeded at configuring their WRT54GL for this and might be able to help. Anyone? :)


mirabilos said...

You cannot be both a leaf node and a router in IP. This means you either can accept router advertisements (be a router solicitor) or send them out, but not both (even on different interfaces not, because this fundamentally changes how the machine operates).

I suggest the following:

1) Disable rtadvd, enable rtsold, listen on your external interface and get IP configured

2) Write down the network/address and gateway

3) Disable rtsold again

4) Configure IP on your outgoing interface, and routing, manually

5) Configure and enable rtadvd for your internal interface

6) Possibly reboot ;)

Good luck,

mirabilos said...

And next time you solicit opinion, I’d suggest to do with internationally legible comment forms (not Basque/Finnish/Hungarian or something), and without forcing people to get a Data Kraken, err, Google account.

Sup said...

Yeah, I do not understand the comments either. Anyway, If you have at least 4MB flash, I think you should be able to build backfire/attitude adjustment for your router with image generator.

Martin-Éric said...

This WRT54GL has exactly 4MB of Flash and various comments on the OpenWRT site suggest that recent releases are too big for that.

Sup said...

Go here http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/obtain.firmware.generate, create a profile and manually add only those packages you need and remove everything else and see if you can cram it under 4MB. I have a backfire build on a 4MB flash with openvpn (and openssl which is huge). Supposing you do not need anything but ipv6, you should be able to fit it on the device, I think.,