Ubuntu building its i386 libc6 with -m686 ?

This is something that makes me deeply worried about the future of Ubuntu.


Dieki said...

Why? According to Wikipedia, intel P6 was introduced in 1995. That's fifteen years old. Surely losing support for computers that ancient won't hurt the future of Ubuntu?

Martin-Éric said...

Most thin client hardware uses 586-compatible chip sets. As such, building with m686 essentially kills the LTSP project for Ubuntu.

Unknown said...

I guess edubuntu is going to have to have a special build.

Martin-Éric said...

This is apparently the result of a UDS proposal that wasn't too well documented:

Duncan McGreggor's blog

pastebin excerpt from UDS brainstorm

Launchpad blueprint for the proposal

Unknown said...

I think that making the general libc version take advantage of modern instructions is not a problem.

How does Ubuntu know what problems are with the change unless it made.

Does LTSP client side change that much between releases, such it cant be backported to lucid. And keep the server side with the i686 architecture changes.