Dear Lazyweb: constructive homelessness

Dear Lazyweb,

I'm a permanent resident of one country, but I'm representing the interests of another one as a part of my job. Anyhow, I'm constantly traveling, so I cannot consider myself as having a residence anywhere in particular.

Still, the health insurance and taxation offices of the country where I'm registered as a resident are constantly annoying me with requests for additional clarifications about "working abroad" (trying to imply that I might have relocated to the country where my employer has their head office), which is a complete waste of my time, because the previous explanation is never good enough for them and they keep on twisting every word I say.

I was thus wondering if someone ever found a way to not have any official place of residence anywhere and still be able to get visas for the countries they need to visit and also be able to rent apartments in the countries that they visit the most frequently without ending up with residence permits for each of them, so as to avoid the above mess with multiple jurisdictions?

This question is not about evading taxation. It's about finding a solution to avoid wasting time constantly filing paperwork just because the bureaucracy cannot understand a situation where someone's lifestyle doesn't fit the traditional model of living and working in exactly one city.


Larko said...

The bureaucrats in the country of your residence are notorious about not understanding anything which does not fit in the box. They are also under the impression that citizens exist for the convenience of bureaucracy and any attempt to display individuality is prosecutable as high treason. ;:-P

Amayita said...


Martin-Éric said...

I don't fit that Perpetual Traveler case, since I'm not trying to evade taxation. I'm only tired of busybodies at the taxation office who waste my time with yet more explanation requests.

The whole point of EU (and especially of the Schengen treaty) is mobility of the people, but the bureaucrats still act as if the only thing that exists is their country; to them, either you live in their country or you live somewhere else. They do not understand "living in one country and working for a company located in another country".

Martin-Éric said...

On second thought, maybe it's just that the Wikipedia article emphasizes the tax evasion aspect. The various pages linked at the bottom have a much more positive angle. Thanks, Amayita! :-)