Kuradne Geode draiveri!

Yes, another post about the Geode drivers. After much head banging, I finally figured out that the sloppy method used to generate the list of supported PCI ID for each driver in Debian and Ubuntu is what wreaked havoc with the GEODE driver:

  1. Support for the GX2 chipset was backported into the old NSC driver, which created a PCI ID conflict with the official support that is present in the GEODE driver.
  2. To make matters worse, that damn NSC driver also conflicts with the older CYRIX driver that supports earlier versions of the Geode chipset.

To fix both issues, I have produced new NSC and GEODE packages and uploaded them into my Ubuntu PPA for the Hardy series.

Tip: as soon as you have upgraded, purge the -amd transitional package; it only confuses the X server and disrupts operation if you leave it there, especially inside an LTSP chroot. If you were using a static xorg.conf, simply upgrade the Device line to use "geode" rather than "amd" and you're done.

After upgrading to these packages, normal operation should be restored for all Geode variants. As a bonus, X should now even be able to work without an xorg.conf (of course, with the wrong keyboard map, unless you live in USA) and in all known LTSP variants.


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