RFA: utf8-migration-tool -- Debian UTF-8 migration wizard

From the Debian Bug #374997 department:

* Package name    : utf8-migration-tool
  Version         : 0.4
  Upstream Authors: Tollef Fog Heen, Martin-Éric Racine
* URL             : http://q-funk.iki.fi/debian/pool/u/utf8-migration-tool/
* License         : GPL
  Programming Lang: Python, GTK2+
  Description     : Debian UTF-8 migration wizard
This wizard upgrades legacy system locales to their UTF-8 
equivalent. It also informs users whenever files in their 
home directory still utilize legacy encodings.

This started as an Ubuntu tool to enable easy migration to UTF-8 for both locale settings and user file encodings. Tollef says that since Ubuntu has been UTF-8 by default for a few releases already, they are not likely to further develop it and invited me to take over development, so I have.

I have found this tool very useful to help me locate remaining files in my home directory that are still in a legacy encoding and to check system files for UTF-8 locales utilization.

Given how Etch is going to be the first Debian release with UTF-8 locales by default, I figure that it could be a useful migration tool for others as well.

Since I'm currently paring down my involvement in Free Software, I never got around fixing the GTK annoyance reported by Denis Barbier in response to the ITP and thus never uploaded the package to the NEW queue so, if anybody is interested in picking up this package's maintenance, please do so by responding to the above bug.

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