Eesti keele spelleri arendus [2]

The publication of an article by Elver, about my packages of ispell-et on Minut.ee (the Estonian Slashdot) produced an interesting thread:

  • Several people complaining how Estonians are so selfish and undedicated that it took a foreigner to package it,
  • Others praising me for packaging it,
  • Someone noticing that the last upstream release dates back from 2003 and wondering how to help develop the actual wordlist content,
  • Someone else persistently asking how to get Estonian spellchecking working in Thunderbird,
  • Someone else asking if it's possible to test this on Windows, (Täh?!)

...with myself personally replying to some of the posts in the thread.

1 comment:

Ain said...

Hi. Seems like we have problem with Debian myspell packages. You are generating them from ispell-estonian, right? In this case these packages do not contain information about compound words and are pretty unusable practically...