xf86-video-geode 2.11.3

A few days ago, we released version 2.11.3 of the Geode X.org driver. As you'll notice from the version number, this is only a maintenance release, mainly to fix crasher bugs that appeared since X.org server core 1.6 was released.

Meanwhile, Otavio Salvador has been busy cleaning up our GX2 support and, in the process, he also found a few interesting regressions that affect LX support as well.

Unfortunately, our goal to integrate GX1 support into our unified Geode driver still hasn't been reached, due to a lack of resources: most people who knew anything about GX1 and SC Geodes and who had access to development hardware have moved on. As such, help to complete this goal is extremely welcome.

4 kommenttia:

pbrobinson kirjoitti...

Are there any plans to add support for the X autoconfigure?

Martin-Éric kirjoitti...

autoconfigure is already there, but it only works for LX, on most distributions.

GX2 doesn't work, because there is a PCI ID conflict with older NSC products from the GX1 generation. On Debian, though, we patched things somewhat heavily and GX2 detection usually works.

pbrobinson kirjoitti...

So it should work for the XO and Fit-PC on Fedora? :-)

Martin-Éric kirjoitti...

It has been working with those for a long time already.