Rumor has it...

...that Skype might be willing to port the Linux version of their application to Pulse Audio, as long as they get all the help they need to make this a quick and painless process. Rumor also has it that yours truly will have a visit from a Skype insider tomorrow at 13:00 EET to discuss this issue and, hopefully, be in a position to point the insider to a member of the PulseAudio community willing to guide them through this process. Rumor also has it that volunteers who contact yours truly on time to announce themselves might improve this port's chances of actually happening.

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Dnas The Great kirjoitti...

Has Phonon been suggested to them? It's not directly Pulse, but it's an abstraction over various sound devices.

It's a KDE/Qt thing, but Skype is using Qt already, isn't it?


Trolltech has adopted it for Qt 4.4, and they've added Windows and Mac OS X backends. So, it could save them code in other platforms as well.

(I'm not sure if there is a Pulse backend for Phonon yet, but I'm sure there will be reasonably soon; all of KDE4 uses it.)

Leo S kirjoitti...

Well, it won't save them code on Windows/Mac, because Skype for windows and mac is completely independent of the Linux version (not using Qt).

But I agree. There really isn't much point in going for Pulseaudio when phonon will be integrated into Qt very soon, and will free them from implementation details like the currently trendy sound system.