Free Software annoyance: Gaim

Dear Lazy Web:

I am developing a severe hatred of Gaim 2.0, because some of its dumb features hamper my productivity. Are there any simple configuration tricks that could fix the following issues:

  • How can I make Gaim stop auto-hiding its conversation windows?
  • How can I make Gaim stop auto-toping its dialogs and windows?
  • How can I make Gaim stop stealing the focus all the time?

Would you happen to know the answer to any of the above?

Best Regards,


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Alex kirjoitti...

Most of the settings you need are part of the Message Notification plugin. Tools -> Plugins -> Message Notification. You may also want to check the Conversation Window Hiding setting under Tools -> Preferences -> Interface. That should take care of most of the stuff you mentioned.

Peter VK kirjoitti...

I'm going to have to do the stupid post:

Stop using Gaim.

I also can't stand a lot of the changes they made to 2.0 so I'm now using Gajim.

Just find a free jabber-to-msn or Jabber-to-aim gateway if you need that kind of access.